Hi! I’m Molly, I was born in Seoul, South Korea, adopted as a baby, flown to the United States, and raised in a tiny town in Nebraska. After I graduated high school, I chose to go to study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It took a victory lap, but in 2010, I graduated from UNL with my bachelor’s degree in psychology and celebrated by getting my first adult job, then switched to another job, then another, and it wasn’t until this last job I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer.

The art of letterpress and calligraphy is what drew me to graphic design. Also, I get to stay inside neatly tucked in front of a computer screen, which I also really like because I’m pretty “indoorsy.” After finishing my second bachelor’s degree–this time in graphic design, I found my first industry job working at a wholesale printer, and I learned a lot.

In 2019 I was awarded an incredible opportunity to go through instructor training for Pilates, and in 2020, I finished my hours and became fully certified! Teaching Pilates has enriched my life in more ways than I can describe, I’ve not only met incredible people, I’ve also been able to see members grow in their Pilates practice and reach individual goals. Pilates has taught me patience and how to better communicate with people in a group setting–for example, a group of high school athletes. I love to share this photo because these young men had no idea how intense Pilates can be, but also, how rewarding it can be, and how much it can benefit their athleticism. I was lucky enough to share the practice of Pilates with them, and receive a little entertainment while in practice.

Here I am today. I am currently working at a transportation engineering firm in the Marketing & Creative Communications Department. I am part of the graphics team and primarily I work on turning schedules, charts, maps, roads, figures, and just about anything into more aesthetically pleasing pieces to add into proposals and presentations.

I absolutely love my job. I love that this is the dream job I never knew I wanted and I am not afraid to share that with everyone around me. I feel lucky every single day not just to be where I am, but to work with the incredible people in my office.

Recently I made the decision to continue my education to pursue my master’s in public relations. My goal is to help my firm grow and expand into new territories so we are able to continue to enhance the communities we live in. I’m really excited to have taken this next step in my career, not only excited about how it will benefit the work I already help with but how it will help me as an individual and the work I enjoy doing outside of the office.

Outside of work I enjoy serving my community by helping when and where I can as philanthropy is an important part of my life. I also love to spend time with my family when I can, and I’m currently looking for the perfect fur-buddy-companion for me.